• Donna Shroyer

Your Healthy Future Starts Now

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Is your health worse than it was ten years ago?

I know for me every decade has brought new challenges. I'm old enough now that I realize many of these issues could have been averted had I taken better care of myself early on.

As a teenager, for example, I baked in the sun hours every day. Much later in life, I developed skin cancer. As a result of taking antibiotics for months at a time, I had lifelong digestive issues. I suffered two miscarriages, due to use of an IUD that was later banned. Of course, the list could go on and on.

Though my health choices were made out of ignorance, I see looking back that I handed over responsibility for my well-being to others. It was just easier that way. Like a lot of people, I thought I'd leave my health to the so-called experts. That's a choice I've lived to regret.

Take Responsibility

Those so-called experts never had to live my life. I did. I had to take responsibility for other things, such as choices about work and family. We all do. So why not take responsibility for our health as well? I'm trying to be more deliberate in the choices I make each day. What are the choices you've made today, and what do you think will they result in?

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." That well-known saying applies to all of us. Our habits today determine the face of our tomorrows. It's so easy to think that we have time to change, but we can never be sure that's the case.

What if you were told today that you had only a short time to live? So many cancer survivors say that their diagnosis served as a wake-up call. Please, don't wait for something like that to happen. You have the ability to choose wisely today so that you stay healthy and strong for tomorrow.

Change the One Thing

So, if you really want a healthy future, what's the one thing you know you need to change today? Come on, you know. Nobody has to tell you. You're keenly aware of what it is. We all have something that we just can't seem to overcome. There's no shame in admitting it and asking for help.

Is the problem emotional eating? Is it too much "couch potato" time? Is it recurring negative thoughts that keep you entrapped? Is it a relationship you know is bad for you, yet you just can't seem to break free? Is it the stress of taking care of others at your own expense?

On the one hand, we alone are responsible for our well-being. Owning that responsibility, however, may mean that to be successful we need someone to come alongside and support us as we make the necessary changes.

Cultivate Awareness

Sometimes we are not even aware of the things that are holding us back from making those needed changes.

It's possible to carry such a heavy load that it blocks your vision. That's where it helps to have someone else who will help you see what's not obvious to you.

There's a tale about a frog that is slowly boiled alive. If the frog were put suddenly into boiling water, it would jump out. However,the frog is put in tepid water which is then slowly brought to a boil. The poor frog isn't aware of the danger and ends up cooked to death.

Take a good look around you. Is your health "tepid" right now, but about to heat up? If you continue as you are, what will the next ten years look like?

Don't make the mistake of thinking, "There's always tomorrow." That's never promised to us. Those nagging issues that you've learned to live with may be the kiss of death. Take care of them now, so that your future is brighter and better.

Your future begins now. Own it, and make it a healthy one.

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Donna Shroyer