Janie S.

I was dealing with sugar addition and weight gain when I began working with Donna.   Through our coaching sessions, I was able to closely examine my current stressors and find alternative ways of addressing them without resorting back to sugar.  She gave me lots of support for the “baby steps” I was taking weekly.  I’m now motivated to maintain these positive changes and am willing to step out of my comfort zone using new techniques I’ve learned.

If you’re strongly motivated to make changes in your health and wellness, take advantage of Donna’s expertise.  Be prepared to explore areas of your life you might not have paid attention to and to implement new strategies that she recommends.

lianne stephensen pic.jpg

Lianne S.

Donna is a wonderful, caring and  compassionate coach who really takes the time to understand your challenges you are having! She also provides key insights and suggestions for helping you take clear action steps towards your goals! Anyone who works with her is lucky to have her!

Pam Ralston photo.jpg

Pam R.

Donna Shroyer is an effective wellness coach.  She is a wonderfully caring listener.  She offered many great tips that applied to my particular situation.  I truly feel that Donna will be a great help to anyone she works with and do not hesitate to recommend her!

Kate Schenk.jpg

Kate S.

Donna has a wonderful ability of just listening. Having coaching sessions with Donna opens up your way of thinking and seeing things from a different perspective.

Josh Wallace pic.jpg

Josh W.

Donna has been my go to for years when it comes to day-to-day health advice. Always lots of options that keep me out of the doctors office.

Picture of Samantha Cook.JPG

Samantha C.

I silently struggled with emotional eating that led to weight gain and depression.  I spent several months in counseling, which did not help.  After only six sessions with Donna, I walked away with many tools and techniques to keep me on track with health and wellness. 

I experienced other unexpected benefits.  I had an unhealthy habit of trying to hold everything together on my own.  Now I’m okay with asking for help, and I know how to inspire my family to pitch in.  I have such a sense of calm, and I’m on a better path than I ever could have imagined.

Donna is a wealth of knowledge on many subjects. The tools and resources she provided, along with her great suggestions, gave me just what I needed.  If you’re struggling wondering what path to take to improve your health and wellness, you’ll benefit greatly from her coaching services.


Dona H.

My goal when I started coaching with Donna was to have help with weight loss, but I soon realized that holistic health encompasses so much more.  This was the best “mistaken” decision I’ve made!  As a professional Social Worker, I spent years helping others discover where they’re stagnant and how to move forward.  Through coaching, I came to appreciate that I’d become stagnant and needed to practice what I’ve taught.


Our coaching sessions have helped me to acknowledge my strengths, build upon them, and take pride in my accomplishments.  I’m now more self-confident and less anxious.  I’ve learned to change my self-talk, evaluate my relationships, and actively work on overcoming barriers to my well-being.

If you’re truly ready to make lifestyle changes and to examine what’s holding you back, I recommend you give coaching a try. 

pic of steve.jpg

Steve S.

I was lucky to be one of the first people Donna coached.


I was delighted to find that the coaching method she uses works great for business coaching in addition to wellness coaching.


She's such a natural at drawing out the most salient factors that it seemed my most difficult problems were solved effortlessly. She really helps to break through the fog and helps you to see a clear path forward.


I know that you will be thrilled at the results that you will achieve with her help.

Donna Shroyer